Indepth “Understanding True Balance in the Horse and Rider” Course

Understanding “True Balance in The Horse and Rider” Course

This is a four day Intensive course where we study all aspects of what true balance means within the horse and rider.  How to see it, feel it, and, how to aid the horse through his stages of development.  Many systems and methods block our ability to actually understand where the balance should correctly lie.  Balance is needed in every aspect of our lives.  In true balance their can be no trickery, or, short cuts.  The answers lie in awareness of movement, timing, preparation and direction of energy.  Daily lectures and demonstrations are given throughout the four days and students have many opportunities to put to practise what they are learning through participation and lessons.  Whether you are a complete beginner, or, an experienced horse person this course will greatly help your understanding of working horses to their highest ability without detrimental effects on their movement, or, development. You will learn to train your horse in conjunction with its mental and physical abilities and in time with his developmental needs.  Between our fantastic team of Iberian horses, and, the experience of Sarah-Jane, we will help you greater the connection with your horse.

Understanding true balance

The course is structured as follows:

Day One – Liberty Day

This day opens with an introduction lecture made by Sarah-Jane of what we cover throughout the course and how it is crucial what we must learn from the study of movement to be able to direct our horses correctly.   We will discuss how to develop the senses to recognise balance.  The reality that without awareness of what we are doing, or, asking there can be no balance. We will work with horses throughout the day of various conformational builds, movement and sizes.  All participants will work with the horses in freedom and will practise finding the correct balance point using their own bodies.

Day Two – The Art of Lungeing and In-hand

In day two a morning demonstration will be given with the introduction to lungeing following the previous day’s exercises.  Once again all participants will have the chance to work with various horses and will experience and improve their lungeing approach.  Lungeing in itself is an art and can easily be systemized.  In the afternoon we will work with the horses and will practise various crucial in-hand exercises again following a demonstration.   These exercises will help participants to understand the importance of correct warming up of the horse and learning to see how the horse changes through this important stage.  They will also show how the rider can prepare their own body correctly before riding.

Day Three – Rider Balance and Exercises for the Rider

Today focuses totally on the rider.  Every human is unique in the way they are built.  On the lunge riders will be helped to find the correct balance through exercises adapted to each individual.  With the help of our very sensitive horses all riders will feel in total relaxation and coordination with their bodies at the end of the day. All lessons are watched to see how the balance of the rider can be changed through subtle direction, receiving and releasing the body using the horses natural movement.

 Day Four – Balance in the ridden horse

The ultimate day where we put to practise what we have learnt over the past few days.  You will experience riding sensitive schooled horses that will take you through all movements and exercises.  Foremost is preparation, receiving of movement and a correct direction of the body to be able to give the horse clear aids and timing.  Riding several horses throughout the course of the day riders will learn how they can adapt their body to each individual horse to get true movement and connection.  Riders will feel how exercises should help the horse to release the back, neck and poll correctly so that the horse carries himself independently in a more balanced way without relying on the rider.

This is an intensive course where we guarantee all participants will leave with a clearer thorough understanding of balance.  The parallels between the ground and ridden work all come together to strengthen the grounding and balancing we need in our own bodies.

Cost of course €460.00

Includes four days of teaching morning and afternoon with a break inbetween during the afternoon plus five nights bed and breakfast locally.


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