PRE Segador

Beautiful horse open to sale. Exceptional bloodlines stemming from Bohorquez Rondeño IX.  Good straight movement with nice elevation. Measures at 1.69m. Born 2006 he has been used as a prolific covering stallion and has a good base of training.  Very kind and gentle nature.  €25.000



PRE Bondadoso

Six year old measuring 1.70m and very light to the aids. Serious in his work.  Expressive movement originating from his strong bloodlines. His sire the famous stallion “Selecto” (Jose Luis de la Escalera), Dam “Bondadosa XXXVII” (Maria Fernanda de la Escalera). Grandfather “Vinatero III” (Miura). His bloodlines are a perfect mix to give an outstanding example of the PRE breed. Very correct movement, Piaffe, Passage and Changes. He has been in training at La Pañoleta for the past six months. This is one to watch for the future. He has also been used as a covering stallion.  Also hacks out perfectly. €25.000

PRE Fallero

Three year old dark brown stallion. He has just been lunged with saddle to date but super easy. Nice straight movement. In for training and sale. Could be backed by us no problem.  1.57m qpproximately.
Nice bloodlines with good base of the originals Yeguada Militar and Granda. €4000.00


PRE Enamorado

Four year old stallion. Backed and with good base training. Outstanding atheltic movement. Would excel in competition. He is a horse with genuine energy. Lots of fun. Would suit young ambitious rider.  Bloodlines from Guardiola a Companario.
1.66m approximately.  €6000.00



PRE Curacan

Four year old stallion by Stallion Segador XVI (pure Bohorquez). A sweetheart who just wants hugs all the time. Backed with base training andhas  been ridden in Romerias. Very noble. 1.57m approximately. Moves straight with nice movement. Excellent bloodlines and a very genuine Young horse. €5500.00


Purebred Bocado

For those that prefer smaller horses….this little guy is quite a catch. Three year old with very old Bocado bloodlines. 1.50m approximately at the moment. He will grow a bit more. This line matures later than others. Very sweet nature and moves nicely. Like his special Sire and Dam he will turn into a beautiful horse. €2000.00


PRE Narenjuelo

This is a great stallion with huge heart. Eleven years old and standing at 1.68m approximately. He would make a great family horse. He Piaffes, passages and excells in flying changes. He will accept anyone on his back. Great for rides out on his own or in company. He rides in a snaffle nicely. A wonderful schoolmaster and horse to learn from.
Excellent bloodlines with 50% Miura, Yeguada Militar and Terry.  €18.000

PRE Elegido

Young stallion from the Francisco Moreno Gonzalez stud. Very versatile four year old. Super movement, character and base training. Very serious in his work. This is a small stud produces very high quality horses. 1.65m approximately. Very wise and majestic.  €13.500



More photos and information available on each horse.

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