PRE Elegante

Incredible three and a half year old PRE stallion. Overwelming willingness to learn. 1.68m approximately. Recently started with amazing adeptness. Yeguada Militar and Bohorquez bloodlines. A beautiful soul that would be perfect for any environment.  €8,000



Cremello Lusitano

Stunning Cremello Lusitano stallion. Advanced schooled by sympathetic trainer. 1.58m approximately. Six years. Piaffe, passage and simple changes. Super elevation. Viega Bloodlines  €15,000



Divo PRL

Beautiful four year old Lusitano stallion.
Just being backed. Only ridden a few times. Wonderful calm temperament. Stabled in a large equestrian facility so used to being around other horses. Romao Tovares bloodlines and papers. €9500.00



PRE Gorrion

Amazing PRE seven year old stallion for sale. Would make a perfect family horse.  1.66m approximately. Beautiful exuberant straight movement. Piaffe, passage, simple changes and liberty work. A really calm genuine horse to enjoy. Has had slight throat noise which he was born with and has never got worse nor, caused any problems.  Hence the much too low price of €12,500.


PRE Farruco

1.68m approximately six year old bay stallion. 101% wonderful nature. Good paces, extended trot, simple changes, Spanish walk and trot, and just intitiating Piaffe and Passage. Can be ridden in company or alone. Has been ridden in ferias so really safe in every way. Bohorquez bloodlines. Would make wonderful family horse €10,500


PRE Jarenero

Five year old stallion of Bohorquez linage. 1.68m approximately. Very correct conformation and movement. Good base training. Now intiating piaffe, passage and simple changes. Very calm temperament €15,000



Mahogany PRE stallion Limeño

Brother to Jarenero. 1.68 approximately. Bohorquez bloodlines. Lovely character. Good base of training, movement and conformation. Calm nature and stunning colour! €15,000




PRE Rociero

The black beauty of the family. Four year old black Bohorquez stallion. Just been backed and exceeding in all aspects. 1.66m at the moment. Good movement and very willing to learn. Would do well in any sphere. As with the other three Bohorquez stallions above…..a wonderful kind character! €9,000



PRE Candelo

“Candelo” Very nice eleven year old chestnut stallion. Fantastic nature. He has been turned out with mares freely for past six years. An absolute gentleman in everyway. Candelo can be ridden by riders of all levels. He has a good base training level. Very nice free movement. Wonderful up hill canter and super extention. 1.70m approximately. Origins from very old stud Granda, Yeguada Militar and Urquijo. €10,500

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