Elite Andalusians Semi-Precious Stone browbands

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new endeavor.  Beautiful browbands set with semi-precious stones.  Each browband is individually handmade with love using high quality materials.


For thousands of years and through ancient civilizations gemstones have been used for their healing properties.  To this day they are acknowledged and are used in holistic medicine and everyday life by many people.  Semi-precious stones are from a totally natural source.  Each stone is made out of minute crystals that emit an energy field influenced by its geometrical form, colour and subtle vibrations.  It is from these minute crystals that are in constant motion that each stone creates an energy, or, frequency.  The gemstones colour plays a role in the stones healing energy.  The stones can stimulate, calm, purify and heal.  Not only are our browbands beautiful and unique, we believe that they are a helpful addition for horses and riders.

The stones are intricately included in a knotting process using strong waxed cotton.  Once the band is complete they are set and sewn into place using high quality leather.  Our Spanish saddle maker has had his “Guarnicioneria” (saddlery) in Sevilla for over a hundred years passed down through several generations.  We trust noone else to handle our semi-precious stones.

Bodeguero modelling a browband made from Carnelian, teal and leather in tan

You decide on stone preference, colour of thread, colour of leather, size and we make it to order.

Choices of stone and their properties.  Match with your horse to see what is the best partner:

Amethyst (varying colour purple)

– Known as the stone of change, protection and opening

– Calming, serenity and composure

– Attracts good luck, transforms and calms

Carnelian (varying shades and stripes of orange)

– Stimulates happiness

– Clears negative energy

– Has a stabilizing effect on energy

– Awakens talent and creativity

Hematite (dark shiny grey)

– Enhances memory, concentration and focus

– Reflects negativity

– Stimulates peace and happiness

Jade (green)

– Balances energies between horse and rider

– Promotes peace and harmony

– Soothes energy

Rose Quartz (light pink)

– Soothes comforts and reassures

– Deep inner healing

– Attracts peace and calm

Tiger Eye (varying gold, yellow and brown stripes)

– Helps concentration

– Increases insight and clear thinking

– Calming

– Helps eliminate depression or sadness

Turquoise (blue)

– Anti-negativity stone and general healer

– Protects

– Encourages confidence

– Strengthens the body and energy field

– Heals, soothes and creates peace of mind

Cotton thread colour options: Black, brown, beige, olive green, teal, bright red, light blue, grey, purple, navy and burgundy.

Leather colour options: Black, brown (light or dark) or tan

Browband sizing

Sizes of browbands are measured laid flat from one end to the other.

Shetland                             12″                         30.5cm

Small Pony                         12.5″                     31.8cm

Pony                                     13″                         33cm

Large Pony                         13.5″                     34.3cm

Cob                                       14″                         35.6cm

Large Cob                           14.5″                     36.9cm

Full                                        15″                         38.1cm

Large Full                            15.5″                     39.4cm

Warmblood                       16″                         40.9cm


Shetland to Pony €75.00

Large Pony to Large Cob €85.00

Full to Warmblood €95.00

Please note that due to all browbands being individually handmade, no refunds can be given for incorrect sizing or measurements given by customers.


Our latest design for “Elite Adalusians” semi-precious stone browbands. Tiger Eye with grey thread and silver coloured roses. The finished product will be set in leather (choice of colour). Option also to have a matching bracelet for €20.00. Makes a wonderful gift for that special horse and rider partnership.


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