Dedication to Torero

Unfortunately Elite Andalusians has some very sad news.  Last month we lost dear Torero.  He was 33 years old and had been a valuable member of the team teaching many students over the years.  He is missed and left a hole in all our hearts.  He was that one horse that steals every girls heart.  He was the most lightest horse to ride even towards the end and was very strict that no human evey rode him with even the slightest force.  He would come back to halt with a minimal breath outwards and then could explode to extended trot absolutely effortless.  He made an excellent Godfather to Torera when seperating her from her Mum.  Who at the time was quite a handful.  Hence she was called Torera after Torero.  To date she was the only horse to ever have been allowed to share his food.  Her manners are perfect and we have not had anything to do with that.  We miss him greatly and will never forget the valuable lessons he taught to so many.


“On arrival in Spain as an 18 year old…I meet a horse with as much fire as i had. I fell in love with him under the floodlights at 10pm one evening. Trained as a bull fighter he certainly kicked my butt on more than one occassion. Together we grew and he has taught me all what I know now….something of which no human could ever have taught me. I am so grateful for every minute spent with this special horse. I will never ever forget you. You had a fight for life that was unexplicable! RIP my warhorse I am forever your servant xx”

Sarah-Jane Clarke December 2014



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