Dedication to Embrujo

Loosing Embrujo came as the greatest shock to me back in March 2014.  I always called him “The King”…as that was what suited him.  Embrujo and I came through quite a path through the years.  He was started off in very bad hands and to be honest at the start it seemed a battle of wills.  However, over the years we learn’t to trust each other and progress through our own stages of horsemanship.  Moving to the farm in November 2013 we had both gained such strength in our own bodies and mind.  Something which we had both honestly learnt.  When riding Embrujo I was taken to a completely different World.  Every breath, every footstep felt…..the rest of the World disappeared.  I was always aware of how he stood over me…always my right shoulder.  Felt like a force to be reckoned with.  Embrujo was a wonderful teacher and now I realize an angel I could never own.  He taught the young, unbalanced, the experienced..always with such an open heart.  I still can not put another horse in his stable.  Everyday I see reminders of him and I know he is not far.  Still does not take away the huge stab in the heart.  Miss you buddy… very, very much xx

Here’s to “The King”



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