Student Dhruvpal from India working with a young horse in for training

Study and have lots of fun on Elite Andalusians student course

One month minimum stay mentored by Sarah-Jane Clarke being.  Learn lots about the care, management and training of our special team of horses.  Normal stable duties including working with PRE stallions, mares, geldings and youngsters.  Working six days out of seven, five hour morning and three hour afternoon with siesta break in between.  Five lessons a week with many opportunities to watch other training sessions and lessons.  Study trips to enhance learning such as a visit to the Royal Spanish Riding school of Jerez and renowned studs of the PRE.  Comfortable self-catering accommodation at the farm.  All ages and levels welcome.  The most important quality needed is enthusiasm and willingness to learn to fully benefit from your stay.  Safe and secure learning environment with a holistic approach to all aspects.  A beautiful calming retreat to learn lots about Classical Riding, the history and importance of the PRE as a breed, enjoy Andalusia to the full, and, have an unforgettable experience.

What will you learn?

At Elite Andalusians we believe the base work is the most important foundation and that our students are the horses future.  You will learn:

  • To work horses at liberty, studying how horses use their bodies to balance themselves without a rider. Biomechanical understanding. Communication through ground work and body language helping a more clear relationship with the horses from the ground.
  • In-Hand – fundamental to aid the horse become more gymnastic though their bodies.
  • Riding on the lunge – Students will be taught first on the lunge. This will help them to become more aware of their own balance on the horse and to  just sit their and feel how easy and soft Elite Andalusian horses are to ride.  No pressure and minimal aids
  • Riding in the School of Compassionate Dressage. Once students have a balanced seat on the lunge they will go on to ride the horses in the school under the watchful eye of Sarah-Jane. Students ride a range of horses at different levels.  This may include helping to back the youngsters up to the advance trained stallions. Students will leave having a feel of the ultimate high school movements such as Piaffe and Passage.
  • There is also the opportunity to learn or improve the Spanish language

All students work with the horses in liberty for their first few lessons to get to know the horses and all their special characters. Valentina from Germany and her first meeting with Quis Qui.

For days off we are situated near to several small towns that offer a great restaurant and night life and ten minutes from fantastic beaches with the ideal climate.

€600.00 per month (includes accomodation but, does not include food)

€550.00 per month if you bring a friend (per student)

We are accredited by “aequor” (Holland)






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