Sarah-Jane Clarke and her Team

Sarah-Jane Clarke (S-J), Classical rider and International Instructor of over twenty years originated from Suffolk in the United Kingdom. She was introduced to horses through a very kind friend of the family who rescued horses.  Many fond memories were spent sitting amongst this large collection of horses in some of the rarest water meadows left in the beautiful county of Suffolk.  There was a huge calmness over these horses, they had finally found a safe place in which they would never leave.  Watching how they interacted with each other and being accepted into their herd was the start of a never ending learning process.  After finishing her degree at Aberystwyth University, Wales, having managed several renowned yards acossed Europe and Andalusia, studying at the Royal Spanish Riding School in Jerez and under many Classical trainers she began her own business based in Southern Spain.

Her love  and enthusiasm for the Iberian horses has been with her ever since a young child.  Their beauty and character can never be faulted.  This grew even stronger when she first arrived on Spanish soil as part of a work experience period.  After which she never left.  One evening while introducing a young horse to the sea she was mistified by a man schooling a beautiful black Spanish stallion on the beach. The horse and rider moved with such effortless grace and yet had an amazing presence.  The silhouette against the back drop of the sunset of a perfectly muscled baroque horse and quiet effortless rider made the direction on the path of learning very clear.  Growing up Sarah-Jane had always felt there was another way to the conventional methods that were standardly taught.  Spain and its wonderful horses has enabled her to pursue her love, dream and destiny to teach and train a softer, clearer and correct way of connecting with these amazing animals.  A method that can be used with any discipline, breed or level of rider. Sarah-Jane will open her heart and knowledge to anyone wanting to learn and experience working with this unique breed and her amazing team that she completely devotes her life to.  Known to all of those that know Sarah-Jane as her “Mob”.

“What we teach here is a foundation to pure horsemanship.  The base for any horse discipline.  There is no system, no trickery, no technique, just lessons in what pure balance is.  How to feel it, how to see it, how to breath it.  Learning how the horse develops and when it is able to advance with training without detrimental effects mentally, or, physically .  There is no lie in true balance.  It is either there, or, it is not.  When it is not and systems of training are used without realization we cause detrimental effects to the horse.  Once you realise what balance is, everything starts to fall into place.  Working with our horses becomes so much easier. When ready movements are given to us at the correctmoment the horse is able. Horsemanship is direction not command.  Understanding how balance changes within the horse as it grows and develops over time.  The same with the rider.  Becoming aware of our own body, our own mind and learning to adapt it totally to the horse.  Feeling the changes as we adapt.  Every horse is an individual as is every human.  There can never be one way.  Only commen sense and the ability to adapt.  Balance is the most important factor in every part of life.  It is patience that is the hardest thing for humans to learn.  Anybody can ride well no matter what ever age, shape or size… is our ablity to accept that makes us the real horse person.”

Sarah-Jane Clarke May 2016

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